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Why Real Canadian Superstore is One of the Best Grocery Stores in Canada

Real Canadian Superstore

Real Canadian Superstore

Well here is one of Canada’s more diverse grocery stores. The store heavily concentrates on a large grocery section. Most Real Canadian Superstore outlets have a pretty diverse Beyond section. You can pretty much find anything you need for basic modern living, from small kitchen appliances to electronics and toys. I find these other selections aren’t as deep as other competitors but the store has some extras the other big-name stores don’t supply, like an attached liquor board and smoke shop.

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The grocery section is quite impressive with its sheer variety and cultural diversity. The seafood and Asian sections are also pretty impressive compared to other grocery outlets. Outside of their products, this store’s promotions are pretty solid. There are regular sales and they have a rewards program where the shoppers can acquire some decent savings through points.

Store Attributes:

Baby / Infant

Bath / Beauty


Cleaning / Paper Products

Clothing / Fashion

Electronics / Media / Video Games

Fitness / Exercise

Fuel / Air Fill Up / Car Wash


Garden / Seasonal

Groceries / Food

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Appliances

Home Furnishings

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Liquor Store

Optical / Optometrist

Pets / Animals


Smoke Shop

Stationary / Crafts

Toys / Games

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