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Why Canadian Tire is Loved by Canadian Handymen

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire

Good old Canadian Tire. A Canadian classic. This hardware, home and garden store is one of the more visited outlets for DIYers across North America. It has a well-rounded selection of tools, hardware, sporting goods equipment and home appliances.

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The garden section is very well rounded compared to other big chains. The big game-changer that this store has over some of their competitors is the automotive department, a complete automotive shop. The shop is quite versatile compared to other department store chains. It’s also worth noting that they have a rewards system that can be used to pay for or towards almost any in-store purchase.

Store Attributes:


Automotive Shop

Cleaning / Paper Products

Clothing / Fashion

Electronics / Media / Video Games

Fitness / Exercise

Fuel / Air Fill Up / Car Wash


Garden / Seasonal

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Appliances

Home Furnishings

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Motorized Equipment

Pets / Animals

Shoes / Footwear

Sporting Goods

Tools / Power Tools

Toys / Games

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