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Why Dollarama is Great for New Homes



Dollarama may not have the years that some of the other stores exist today. But this proven outlet has what it takes to keep its Canadian shoppers happy. With a wide range of home outfitting departments, it has a great selection of inexpensive goods. Making it a good one-stop store and a let’s buy whatever fancies us because you don’t have to spend time thinking about the price place.

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A great here and there for people starting on their own or someone that has to restart because they’ve lost everything. The reason why the store is so good for new homes is that you can inexpensively outfit it with everyday use items like dishes, cutlery, cups, containers, glasses, cleaning supplies, baskets, cooking utensils, cookware and snacks. Items usually range from $1-4$, making your new bathroom and kitchen feel like home on a limited budget.

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There are some limitations to the grocery section of this kind of store but it’s no doubt a good first stop before you visit your main grocery store to save some money on some everyday items.

Store Attributes:

Bath / Beauty


Cleaning / Paper Products

Clothing / Fashion

Electronics / Media / Video Games

Fitness / Exercise

Garden / Seasonal

Groceries / Food

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Furnishings

Jewelry / Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Pets / Animals

Sporting Goods

Stationary / Crafts

Tools / Power Tools

Toys / Games

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