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Why Peavey Mart is Great for Farmers, Ranchers and Homesteaders

Peavey Mart

Peavey Mart

This hardware/agricultural store has just about anything you need to start raising livestock, poultry or bees. Peavey Mart also has a large array of tools, hardware and gardening supplies.

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The clothing and footwear sections are mainly focused on work, chores and hunting clothes. The store has other niche sections as well, which makes it a must-visit for someone homesteading or operating a farm.

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On a side note, some products and departments don’t have to do with farming/homesteading like; toys, yard decorations, kitchen accessories/appliances, outdoor furniture and yard relaxation products like coolers and meat smokers. Making this store easier to visit with the whole family.

Store Attributes:

Clothing / Fashion


Garden / Seasonal

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Appliances

Home Furnishings

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Motorized Equipment

Pets / Animals

Shoes / Footwear

Sporting Goods

Tools / Power Tools

Toys / Games

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