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Top Reasons to Shop at Co-op in Canada


The Co-op is a Saskatchewan-based company that was formulated and inspired over a century ago by the first Nation community. It has evolved a lot over the last hundred years but the principle is still the same. Cooperative and pooled efforts as a community to thrive in an unforgiving environment. Because of the general business model that this company adheres to, the Co-op has multiple stores and locations that provide different services.

car refill transportation transport

For example, there are Co-op gas bars, grocery stores, agriculture centers, and home/hardware centers. If you were ever thinking about living in Saskatchewan this is an outlet worth getting a membership for, because when you do, you become eligible for member contribution payouts at the end of every year.

Store Attributes:


Baby / Infant

Bath / Beauty

Cleaning / Paper Products

Fuel / Air Fill Up / Car Wash

Garden / Seasonal

Groceries / Food

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Appliances

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Liquor Store

Motorized Equipment

Pets / Animals


Smoke Shop

Tools / Power Tools

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