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Why Amazon is #1 in Canada


Amazon is becoming one of the more successful stores out there. With Amazon’s extensive product range and depth, along with its massive amount of deal items and trusted public services, it’s not hard to see why. Besides having almost anything under the sun, it is worth noting that these guys have a handful of super nifty specialty services.

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Their premium monthly subscription called Amazon Prime will give you access to premium video and music streaming. Prime also gives you access to product and shipping deals. If you have a hard time finding things you like, give this company a try.

Store Attributes:


Baby / Infant

Bath / Beauty



Cleaning / Paper Products

Clothing / Fashion

Electronics / Media / Video Games

Fitness / Exercise


Garden / Seasonal

Groceries / Food

Hardware / Home Improvement

Home Appliances

Home Furnishings

Jewelry / Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Motorized Equipment

Pets / Animals

Shoes / Footwear

Smoke Shop

Software / Apps

Sporting Goods

Stationary / Crafts

Tools / Power Tools

Toys / Games

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