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Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Safeway in Canada


Safeway is a grocery store that has a decent variety of everyday life staples. This store like most other grocery stores that sells fresh produce and other bare essentials. They take pride in their produce section because of their emphasis on locally grown and organic standards. The store has a deli that has deli meats, cheeses and ready-made meals.

Tim Hortons

Certain stores also have Tim Horton’s kiosks for the shopper’s convenience. It is also worth noting that Safeway has a meat section they are proud of, so if quality meat and seafood is your thing, it might be worth reading more about it on their website. As far as online shopping goes they don’t seem to offer much, but they do have an app that easily accessible from their website where you can check out their flyers and create digital shopping lists with them.

Store Attributes:

Baby / Infant

Bath / Beauty

Cleaning / Paper Products

Groceries / Food

Pets / Animals


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