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Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to Disney+

I’ve been meaning to talk about Disney+ for some time now and I believe this service has done nothing but improve since its launch. It is a media streaming service that streams Disney Media like movies and TV shows. Some people may still be on the fence about it and need to know what they are missing out on. Here are my top 10 reasons to subscribe to Disney+.

Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to Disney+

1. Original Disney Content – If you are a Disney fan from any era, you will surely find something you will want to watch. From Mary Poppins to The Lion King, there are countless Disney films to enjoy and take a trip down memory lane with.

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2. Disney Shows – Alonge side the Disney movies there are tons of Disney shows and cartoons from the yesteryears of Disney television. if there was a Disney TV show you enjoyed back in the day, there is a good chance you may find it on this streaming service.

3. Disney’s Licenses – Most people think of The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse when they think of Disney. The reality is that Disney has acquired a massive collection of licenses in the last couple of decades. Just to name a few; Lucasfilms, Marvel, Pixar and Fox. This just gives the end user an even wider variety.

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4. Something for Everyone – With the addition of Disney’s Star channel recently added to Disney+, making it the perfect all-in-one streaming service for families. Star is where the users can find popular none Disney licenses that expand to wider audiences, including more adult-like content like adult animation, action and horror. On top of that Disney+ launched with a Natural Geographic channel making it impossible to not find something. To watch.

5. User-Friendly Interface – The Disney+ App was polished before launch and it has always been a pretty easy-to-use service. Once connected the menus are super easy to navigate with them being clean and straightforward. A young child could probably navigate its menus with ease. Disney also made a Collection’s section where you can find full movie series with ease, in case you’re in the mood for binge-watching.

6. Affordable Price – The Disney+ subscription price is comparable to other top tear streaming services but offers an extremely well-rounded family streaming service.

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7. Family Friendly – I shouldn’t have to take much time explaining this, it’s Disney. Disney has been making family-friendly content for decades. If you have a young family, you will not have to worry if there’s something for the kids to watch. You can also easily control the age content access to keep your kids from watching adult content.

8. New Content – Disney keeps releasing new content, keeping the streaming service from seaming stagnant. Disney has been opening up the content flood doors and there are tons of new/existing series and movies always being released. I’m always amazed at what new content appears on the app and the list of new projects and signs up is overwhelmingly huge.

9. Behind the Scenes – If you love Disney and sometimes wonder where all the magic comes from. There are hours and hours of behind-the-scenes Disney content and documentaries that you’ll probably never find anywhere else. As a Disney fanboy, personally, this type of content makes Disney+ a must-have.

10. Library Size – the ongoing Disney+ library size seems to always be very massive and there probably aren’t too many people that won’t find something of interest to watch.

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Conclusion – Disney+ is a great product for its price and if you’re interested in this product, try it for a month. You will probably only need 5 minutes with the subscription to gauge if this is a service for you.

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