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Why FreshCo is Super Awesome


FreshCo is a grocery store that is committed to quality fresh food at lower prices. They currently have a double fresh guarantee that offers Item replacement and refund, this is something I like to see in companies. Understandably things just happen and nobody means to inconvenience anyone, but with policies like these, it is the best type of reasonable apology for the circumstance.

This grocery store also does price matching which further pushes the emphasis on lower prices. They also offer a flyer stock guarantee. This means if a weekly flyer item is unavailable, you will be eligible for a raincheck and a 10% markdown on that item.

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These guys don’t seem to have an online ordering or delivery system but it makes up for it by having an online flyer shopping list maker that is simple and easy to use. They also have a pharmacy, which you don’t always get at a grocery store.

FreshCo seems to excel very well as a grocery store. Checked back into this store and I saw the odd baby and pet item in the flyer, so it looks like they do cover these departments. These guys look great and I would recommend checking these guys out if they’re in your neighbourhood.

Store Attributes:

Baby / Infant

Bath / Beauty

Cleaning / Paper Products

Groceries / Food

Pets / Animals


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