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Top 10 Garden and Yard Ideas for 2021

top 10 garden and yard ideas for 2021
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Garden and Yard Ideas

Well, it’s that beautiful time of year again and if you haven’t started thinking about what you are going to plant, you may want to get on that because things should be going in the ground soon, if not already. If you haven’t thought about it no worries, because this is a garden and yard ideas article and hopefully you will be inspired and take something from here. This is my top 10 garden and yard ideas for 2021.

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1. Flower bed – If you don’t have the time to babysit produce but want to add some quick low maintenance beauty to your yard, then I would suggest a flower bed. It is beneficial to our bee friends and you can use it for memorializing the people that you may have lost over the last couple of years. The best part about it is you can choose whatever flowers that speak to your senses. Just remember that perennials come back every year and annuals are a one-season deal. So you can make your flower bed short-term or long-term if you plan it out.

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2. Trees / Bushes – If flowers aren’t your thing, then maybe a tree or bush is what you need. There are tons of options out there and these things can have multiple purposes. These are long-term investments but can improve your paradise by adding needed shade during hot months or delicious fruit during specific times of the year or maybe you just can’t get enough of a particular smell, like me and lilacs. Just bear in mind that plants have something similar in size or span growing underground. Take your time when choosing placement because you are probably not going to transplant and full-grown tree. If I was going to suggest any particular trees there are species of hazelnut, blueberry, Saskatoon, and cherry that are small enough for city properties and can handle Canadian weather.

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3. Patio Set – if you don’t have a comfortable spot to sit back and enjoy your surroundings, it’s hard to appreciate it. A person doesn’t have to break the bank on something like this. Yes, you could spend hundreds maybe thousands on a new patio set, but you could just get creative and use old furniture you don’t use anymore or check out some yard sales. Chairs can be cheap. Homemade apple cider vinegar stains are extremely cheap to make as well if they need a touch-up.

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4. Perennial Plants – perennials are plants that come back every year after being planted. This is a no-brainer for the busy person that still wants a beautiful yard. Plant it and feed it when needed. Perennials can be beautiful flowers or produce plants that keep on giving. Raspberries, rhubarb and Strawberries are some great plants to consider.

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5. Solar Lights – Get creative with solar lights. Nothing quite warms up your yard at night like solar lights. Solar lights can get expensive but if you add a small budget for a hand full of quality Solar lights every year, your yard will be sparkling with magic soon enough. I recommend buying decent solar lights because I find the name-brand set I bought a decade ago is still running and I can replace the batteries on them easily. Whereas the dollar store solar lights I purchase tend to have problems a year or two in and they don’t seem to age well.

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6. Produce Garden – Take the time and work up a little or big area where you can grow vegetables and fruit for the season. You won’t only have fresh homegrown food to enjoy but you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the fruits of your labour take shape. If I was going to recommend some plants, maybe some potatoes, lettuce, onions, beets, tomatoes, corn and peas. Whatever you or your family already eats day-to-day.

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7. Invite Nature – Nothing quite like being surrounded by beautiful creatures of nature and hearing the birds sing. Maybe install a birdhouse, bird feeder or birdbath. As long as you aren’t inviting in predators or other undesirable critters, this is a great way to improve your outdoor experience.

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8. Install a Pond – This can be one of the more expensive projects depending on how far you take it, but something like this could make your zen garden complete. Admittedly this could be one of the more finicky seasoned gardener projects due to its maintenance needs, but if you have everything else I’d say take it on.

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9. Build a Bridge – What’s better than having a pond. Having a pond with a bridge over it, so you can truly enjoy your pond to its fullest extent. Maybe even dare to dip your toes.

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10. Install a Gazebo – Admittedly this is probably the most expensive thing on this list and is not necessary to enjoy yourself outside. If you are invested in spending most of your life outside in your yard and you have the means to do so, I’d say go for it. A gazebo planted in the middle of your beautiful established yard would make your yard the ultimate entertainment zone. If this isn’t an option, I have a budget-friendly alternative for all of you garden and yard enthusiasts. Install a fire pit, it will give you a similar effect and save you a ton of money.

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Thank you for checking out this article and remember to just have fun while working on your yard. For more garden and yard ideas check out our garden / seasonal store pages Below.

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