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15 Christmas Gift Ideas

15 Christmas gift ideas

Whether you are looking for a gift for your parents, partner, friends or children, it can be quite difficult to find the right Christmas gifts. Some people just get writer’s block due to the pressure of this task, and the longer you put this task off it seems to only get worst. So to help you out with your Christmas shopping, I’m going to give you 15 Christmas Gift Ideas, so you can get through the holidays with ease.

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1. Clothing

Ok, on first examination this sounds terrible, but clothing can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone. Shirts, jackets, pants, pyjamas, slippers, socks, thermal underwear, winter hat, gloves, mittens. Any items that will help your loved one through the cold winter as always a thoughtful gift. Sizes are the trick to these types of gifts, so make sure to do your research ahead of time.

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2. Indoor Comforts.

Blankets, heated blankets, weighted blankets, Comforters, Footbaths, massagers. Any item that can add to someone’s quality of life or comfort, is a sweet jester that shows you care. Most people like to be pampered, so this is typically a pretty safe bet for a Christmas gift.

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3. Food / Candy / Chocolate

Foreign and specialty foods can be a welcome cultural experience that can release those feel-good endorphins. Cheese, crackers and wine can add a level of sophistication to your gift and this will not go unnoticed by that foodie in your family.

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4. Christmas Decorations

This may not be a gift for everyone. If you have someone in your family that loves Christmas decorations and cute displays, this may be the perfect gift for someone that doesn’t need anything and loves Christmas.

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5. Electronics / Gizmos

This is always a win for the techy guru in your family. The latest electronic gizmos and media players are sure to make this group light up with happiness. Video game consoles, TVs, stereos, headphones, movies and music are just a couple of examples from a long list of acceptable electronic Christmas gifts.

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6. Kitchen Appliances

Have some young adults to shop for this season? These are some of the best Christmas gift options for people starting their new life of independence. Nothing more useful than a brand new coffee maker of convenience or a fancy blender to make mornings a little easier for a young man or woman.

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7. Tools / Power Tools

Tools are a great gift for lots of people. From DIY parents to young adults, tools can be a practical and thoughtful gift. The biggest things to consider when buying a tool for someone; is the tool you are buying within the attended user’s skillset and will this tool be regularly useful to the person you are buying it for. If the person is super particular about their tools, it might be best to find a different type of gift, unless you know them well enough.

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8. Jewelry

I probably don’t need to explain this but nothing quite says “I love you” like jewelry. If you want to make someone’s Christmas super special, jewelry is a good way to do this.

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9. Toys / Stuffies

For the younger and sometimes older crowd, toys, action figures, dolls, teddy bears and playsets are a great way to make children their happiest during these holiday celebrations. Just remember children can be upset no matter how good the gifts are if they’re not properly rested.

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10. Prepaid Activities

Want to be your mother’s favourite child this year? Send her to a spa. Or purchase a cool outing for other family members like; tickets to a concert, or some sort of show. A person can get pretty creative with this concept. Maybe just give mom and dad a night out with each other at a fancy restaurant. You also might have a sports fanatic in the family and game tickets might be perfect for this person.


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11. Cash / Gift Cards /Prepaid Credit Cards

Ok, some may find this tacky, but if you are running out of ideas or just don’t know someone well enough, these options are not terrible. Some people don’t like gifts and would rather buy their own. This works well for people with odd hobbies that you don’t have the time to learn about.

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12. Pets

I highly discouraged anyone from getting this gift for someone, unless you are a parent that is willing to take on the brunt of the responsibility. Animals are living beings and require a handful of needs to thrive. Food, water, toys, socialization, love, vitamins, their own space, a place to defecate. Some pets are lower maintenance and should be considered for people that are away a lot or have busy life schedules. Fish are a lot better for people that fall under this group

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13. Paid Vacations

Ok, this one may be out of many people’s budgets and should be reserved for very special people in your life. If there are no words that could describe what a person has meant to you, then this may be the right gift for you. Nothing says thank you for being my rock in life as a gift of culture and relaxation somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.

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14. Vehicles

It’s not often someone gets a new car for Christmas, but sometimes it’s perfect timing to just make this a Christmas gift and kill two birds with one stone. This is one of those “very special moments in life” gifts.

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15. Hand Made Gifts

This is a great gift idea for someone on a budget or who has crafty skills. Whether you are building something amazing with your woodworking skills or painting up a retro piece for decoration, this can be one of the most heartfelt things anyone can do for someone. It can be super special because of the time and thought that went into making the gift.

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15 Christmas gift ideas

Well, that brings us to the end of my “15 Christmas gift ideas” list. I hope the article helps everyone that reads it and helps people find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Just remember; everyone is different, so not every gift is a good match. Also; it,s not all about gifts, it’s about spending time with the people you love. So try not to stress too much during this special holiday time.

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