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20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers

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Do you have someone that obsesses about prepping or off-grid living and you need to buy the said person a gift? If you have no clue what to get this person you’ve come to the right blog article. Here are 20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers. These ideas are in no particular order and cover a wide range of ideas.

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1. Solar Panel / Solar Panel Equipment

Alternative power sources are a big part of prepper off-grid planning. Specifically, with solar panels, you could purchase one and a true prepper will put this to good use at some point. The great thing about panels is; you can join them with other panels to make a big accumulative panel.

This gift can be pricey, so you may want to consider watching for a sale or finding something else on this list. Small solar rechargeable items like lights, phone chargers and radios can be more inexpensive and a solid plan B gift.

20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers

2. Bug Out Bag

Nothing says prepped quite like a reliable and comfortable hiking bag to fill to the brim with a couple-day survival kit. I’m not saying the nap sack needs to be filled by the gift giver but if you want to make this a huge gift you could fill it with other useful prepper items. A good hiking bag can be quite expensive so you may want to focus on the bag and not the contents of the bag.

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3. Seed Stash

Ok, this one can be a great budget gift, seeds don’t have to break the bank. Just think about what you would be living off in grandma’s old garden and this will be perfect for seed ideas. If you wanted it to be an impressive gift, you could load a gift basket full of all sorts of seed species.

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4. Food Reserves

Any type of preserves will do. Jam, honey, a sack of rice, a sack of flour, almost anything that takes a long time to spoil and will be used by the gift receiver. You may want to pay attention to what staples the gift receiver goes through on a regular.

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5. Supplies That Does Not Expire

This is a little easier than the last category and there is no pressure to use this item until it’s needed. Things like medical supplies, viruses protection masks and toilet paper are items preppers will never have too much of.

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6. Useful Plants

If your prepper is a major green thumb, adding an extra plant to their repertoire that produces something useful will be a welcome gift as long as they have the room for it. Maybe a nut or berry bush/tree.

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7. Planters and Growing Equipment

Gardening equipment is another great gift idea for someone that strives for independence and sustainability. If you have a gardener on your hands, planters, grow lights, shovels, hoes, pruning tools are all ideal gifts for the post-apocalypse farmer.

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8. Tools

This is a broad category but there are a handful full useful tools that are useful for end times, specific things like; bolt cutters, hatchets, Hamers, manual saws, survival knives, machetes and multi-tools. You could also include everyday tools like; socket sets, drills, wiring tools and testing tools if your gifty doesn’t possess these things yet.

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9. Equipment

A tractor or tractor attachment could be a nice but expensive gift. But who knows, you may come across a trailer or wagon at a decent price. A skid steer in most cases would be ideal for a prepper but not always an ideal price range gift for most people. Equipment is not a rookie gift and I would not recommend it if you have no idea what your gifty needs.

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10. Camping Gear

Camping gear is pretty much the base for any new preppers arsenal. These are the short-term survival items for emergency evacuation. Sleeping bags, cooking essentials, fire starters, flashlights, paracord, tents and emergency mylar blankets are all great gifts for their person that prepares for everything.

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