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Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA

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Ok, so you maybe be wondering if Lost Judgement is a game for you and if the gameplay is like the Yakuza serious that it’s related to. I’ve finally made the jump to check it out and bought it on sale. I’ve played over an easy 20 hours in gameplay.

Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA

So let me give you a glimpse into what to expect from this very promising-looking title. Does it live up to its hype or does it fall flat on its face? Read more to find out.

Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA


The Story brings you into a possibly corrupt Japanese high school setting. Your character Takayuki Yagami is a badass private detective that has been brought onto a case that involves a web of generations of high school students. The plot thickens with ongoing interactions and makes the story very easy to enjoy and follow along.

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Enjoy crime dramas with moments of humour and comedy? The Yakuza games that this world is based off are all story thick games. This game is no different in this aspect and maybe too story-driven for short attention span individuals.

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Let’s face it, if you can get through this article, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Very similar to other Yakuza games. If you’ve played a Yakuza game you should have an idea of what you’re getting into.

Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA

Game Graphics and Environment

The pictures off my TV might not be the best examples for graphics. In my personal experience, the game graphics are quite sharp even on the last gens console. I could talk about the game environment for hours. So I’ll try and sum it up in a couple of sentences.

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World Design and Realism

The city streets are brimming with seaming life. With NPCs and simulated traffic this game world feels lived in and makes it easy for the player to be pulled into the world and get lost in the game for hours. I probably spent the majority of my first 5 hours of gameplay on site seeing.

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The streets and buildings are very fleshed out and very real feeling. That feeling of repeated object models does not plague this game like so many other games in this video game genre. With that being said, none of the Yakuza games make me have this feeling.

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Interior Building Designs

This entry in the series has set another bar in world design. The interiors in this world match the exteriors in the level of detail. This game is a work of art that makes me feel more like I’m really in Japan than most other games out there.

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Nooks, Crannies and Sites

The level of detail to the entry is quite impressive. Where there will always be some invisible walls in a game series like this, I find this game is an improvement to its predecessors and lets you explore just a little more.

There seem to be more tight and hidden areas in this game entry, making it feel even more like the real world. There will always be room for this type of improvement in games, but I can say this game does not feel dated in this aspect. Very nice.

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Game Play

3rd person Japanese open-world action fighting crime drama RPG with mini-games, maybe a good way to describe this game. There are lots of stories and fighting but a person could easily get distracted by side missions, mini-games and adventuring.

If you’ve played Yakuza games before, you won’t be surprised by the game’s formula. You acquire a skateboard board early on for quick commutes, which is a welcome addition to the game, especially with the growing series environments.

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In-Game Combat

Did I mention Yakuza? It’s the same type of combat system we’ve come to expect but like always these mechanics seem to get a little better with each passing game.

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Like always, you have a competent fighter that starts with three fighting styles and a bunch of powerful default moves. These fighting styles are all upgradeable through skill trees. The combat is very enjoyable and makes your character seem in control of the fights. Love the fighting in the game so far.

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Side Games and Story lines

Like the other games in this series, their world is packed with interactive stores, restaurants, arcades, and other entertainment venues like batting cages, traditional Japanese board and card games.

There is a huge list of specific things to do and I could tell you what they all are but half the fun is spending hours exploring this rich fleshed-out world with seemingly endless things to do. On top of all that there are tons of small and less intense (sometimes goofy) side cases and mysteries to solve.

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The basic game is running around the $60.00 mark. It is a fairly new game so the price is not too outrageous by any means. Or you could wait for a sale and get it around $45.00 with today’s current sale prices. My opinion; after soaking over 10 hours into this game and barely scratching the surface of this game’s content.

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Like the majority of Yakuza games, you will get your money’s worth in hours of use and replayability. These games are typically super long on their own without the mini-games. I soaked over 150 hours into Yakuza 0 and came nowhere near close to completing all the mini-game challenges and business side stories. To some it up, the price is worth the content you are getting even at full price.

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Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA

Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA? If beautiful Japanese open-world action RPG games with great storylines and a massive diversity in side quests and mini-games are your things. Then most definitely yes, pick it up right now.

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