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New Prototype Translation Tool

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Communication Translation Tool (Prototype)

New Prototype Translation Tool

StoreFind is proud to present a new site tool that’s free for everyone to use. It’s a basic language barrier communication tool in the form of a couple of web pages separated by subject matter that uses a combination of made-up emoji sign language and writings of whatever language you are trying to communicate in.

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The translator could probably be used anywhere but it was made with Canadian visitors and newcomers in mind. I originally thought up the idea for this type of communication tool for my travels in places where English isn’t the primary language.

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Learning as much of the local language is ideal for absorbing the culture you are visiting, but sometimes that isn’t an option and you need to go to that new world with little time to prepare. This can be due to multiple reasons like your place of work is sending you somewhere foreign with little notice or you just need to leave your own country due to random circumstances.

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Communication Translation Tool (Prototype)

Anyways, without further ado here is the New Prototype Translation Tool I’ve been working on for the last little while. I hope it’s useful to all that decide to use it.

It is as simple as taking an hour or so to look over the menus in your native language and then translating the site to your destination’s local language and using your phone screen as a simple and basic communication device. This can be done by selecting a language from the drop-down option at the bottom of every site page. I noticed that this translation option does not work with every browser app. It does work with the Bing Browser for sure.

New Prototype Translation Tool

This tool is still relatively new and untested. It will be continually worked on to make things easier and to add important phrases that I may have missed in its original design. Please leave comments on what phrases or sub-sections you would like to see added to this communication tool.

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Thank you for checking out this article about the New Prototype Translation Tool and welcome to Canada!! May 2022 be a better year for all.

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