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Top Reasons to Shop at Cabela’s in Canada

Cabela’s If hunting, camping, fishing and outdoor activities are your thing, then this store is for you. This store chain has a massive selection of high-quality products to assist you on your outdoor adventures. Firearms, tents and hiking gear are some of the many things you will find at this store. Store Attributes: Clothing /Continue reading “Top Reasons to Shop at Cabela’s in Canada”

What is Good about Shopping at Best Buy in Canada

Best Buy Electronics, appliances and new-age technology. Outfit your home with cutting-edge appliances or get that gadget that will make your life a little easier. When it comes to modern living Best buys got you covered with all its latest tech. Store Attributes: Automotive Baby / Infant Bath / Beauty Cleaning / Paper Products ClothingContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at Best Buy in Canada”

Why London Drugs is the Best in Canada

London Drugs London Drugs is a great department store, with strong and less common store attributes. This store has a heavy focus on electronics and computers but it has quite a variety of other products and services. Where it stands out amongst other stores is the fact that it has optical services, pharmaceutical services, postalContinue reading “Why London Drugs is the Best in Canada”

What Makes Chapters Indigo the Best

Chapters Indigo Chapters Indigo is kind of an underrated gem. I feel like most people see nothing but a book store, but it’s so much more. You can find a wide variety of novels, graphic novels, comic books, DIY literature and other non-book-related products. The fantastic thing about this store is its massive selection onContinue reading “What Makes Chapters Indigo the Best”

Why Staples is 1 of the Best in Canada

Staples Staples is one of my favourite tech and office stores. A massive selection of tech gizmos, computers, computer accessories, tablets, memory storage, printers, office furniture and office stationery. Almost anything anyone would need to outfit a new office. They also have entertainment-based tech products as well if you’re not a businessman. A great storeContinue reading “Why Staples is 1 of the Best in Canada”

Why Costco is loved by Canadians.

Costco Wow, a store that pretty much has it all. Outside of the odd specialized store niche, they carry almost anything a person could need from a store. They have a large variety and extensive quality product filtering. This store goes out of its way to give the customer a premium experience. Most stores don’tContinue reading “Why Costco is loved by Canadians.”

Why Peavey Mart is Great for Farmers, Ranchers and Homesteaders

Peavey Mart This hardware/agricultural store has just about anything you need to start raising livestock, poultry or bees. Peavey Mart also has a large array of tools, hardware and gardening supplies. The clothing and footwear sections are mainly focused on work, chores and hunting clothes. The store has other niche sections as well, which makesContinue reading “Why Peavey Mart is Great for Farmers, Ranchers and Homesteaders”

Giant Tiger, the Budget Department Store for Canadians

Giant Tiger Giant Tiger is a great budget department store that has a little bit of everything but seems to focus on groceries and clothing. They also have some home furnishing areas in the store but what stands out to me is the low prices, the impressive grocery section complete with fresh and frozen foods,Continue reading “Giant Tiger, the Budget Department Store for Canadians”

Why Dollarama is Great for New Homes

Dollarama Dollarama may not have the years that some of the other stores exist today. But this proven outlet has what it takes to keep its Canadian shoppers happy. With a wide range of home outfitting departments, it has a great selection of inexpensive goods. Making it a good one-stop store and a let’s buyContinue reading “Why Dollarama is Great for New Homes”

Why Canadian Tire is Loved by Canadian Handymen

Canadian Tire Good old Canadian Tire. A Canadian classic. This hardware, home and garden store is one of the more visited outlets for DIYers across North America. It has a well-rounded selection of tools, hardware, sporting goods equipment and home appliances. The garden section is very well rounded compared to other big chains. The bigContinue reading “Why Canadian Tire is Loved by Canadian Handymen”