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10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes finding that special someone something for Valentine’s Day can be very overwhelming if left to the last second. This can make a special day somewhat stressful. To help you last minute, I’m going to give a list of ideas to help enjoy Valentine’s Day with your sweety. Here are 10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’sContinue reading “10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day”

20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers

Do you have someone that obsesses about prepping or off-grid living and you need to buy the said person a gift? If you have no clue what to get this person you’ve come to the right blog article. Here are 20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers. These ideas are in no particular orderContinue reading “20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers”

My Top 10 Macy’s Promotional Items

My Top 10 Macy’s Promotional Items I’m going to try something new today. I’m going to pick out my favourite Macy’s promotional items and talk about what I like. This is a personal opinion thing so feel free to voice your opinion in the comments. I love this bedding set. It matches my kitchen inContinue reading “My Top 10 Macy’s Promotional Items”