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Why Macy’s is the Best

Macy’s Macy’s is a department store based out of the US that ships to several international locations such as Canada. They have an impressive list of departments and products that they showcase. The store reminds me a lot of the Bay with their quality and sometimes pricey products. The store shines with its long listContinue reading “Why Macy’s is the Best”

What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada

Voilá Voilà is an online grocery delivery service in Toronto. This Sobey’s company also has a curbside pickup at certain places in Canada. This is a convenient service and I hope to see more of this in the future. This service is pretty well rounded with its fresh food section and other departments like hygiene,Continue reading “What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada”

What makes PetSmart the Best in Canada

PetSmart This outlet is a pet store where you can purchase everyday items for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and small mammals. Besides the usual pet store things, they have a decent selection of other pet services. Grooming (cat & dog), training, doggie day camp and PetsHotel. PetSmart Charities is a PetSmarts donation and adoptionContinue reading “What makes PetSmart the Best in Canada”

What Makes Petland Good in Canada

Petland This franchise is a pet store where most pet owners can find almost anything they could need for owning a pet (outside of veterinary services). Food, toys, bedding and clothing are some of the many pet items you will find in this store. Pets like cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds and a variety ofContinue reading “What Makes Petland Good in Canada”

What Makes NAPA / NAPA Autopro the Best

NAPA / Autopro This business is a vehicle parts store for cars, trucks, agricultural equipment and more. They also carry almost any tool or system you need to maintain your vehicles and equipment from your facility. NAPA Autopro is their auto shop center. They cover maintenance services such as; battery checks, battery replacement, breaks service,Continue reading “What Makes NAPA / NAPA Autopro the Best”

Best Reasons to Buy at Ikea in Canada

Ikea A home renovation store with tons of remodelling products, appliances and hardware. This company also has a lot of remodelling, renovation, installation and disposal services.  Refresh your kitchen with Ikea’s cabinets, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, integrated lighting, gable, moulding, filler and cover cap services. They also have other services regarding plumbing, electrical, flooring, walls,Continue reading “Best Reasons to Buy at Ikea in Canada”

What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?

Wholesale Club A huge grocery store with lots of variety. Not much worth pointing out. It is a grocery store that has what you would expect out of a grocery store and this is a good thing. Need a regular place to get groceries? Come check out your nearby Wholesale Club store. Store Attributes: AutomotiveContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?”

What is the Best about Shopping at Dell?

Dell A great computer brand, whether you’re looking for a business or gaming computer/laptop, this company will have what you need to meet your needs. They have a wide variety of high-performance accessories including keyboards, mouses, laptop backpacks, power supplies, software and much more. These guys carry more office-like products such as workstations, networking/server equipmentContinue reading “What is the Best about Shopping at Dell?”

What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek

Sport Chek Sport Chek is a store that specializes in sports/fitness clothing, footwear and gear. A lot of the prices are not super budget-friendly but the products are quality and fairly priced. With pricing in mind if money is tight this store has regular price-crushing sales and deals that are worth watching for. If fitnessContinue reading “What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek”