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What Makes Lowe’s Good

Lowe’s Lookfor a hardware store with a large variety, a website that’s easily navigated, and reasonable prices? Look no further than these guys. Tons of products and services to help anyone give the home that makeover they’ve always wanted. Store Attributes: Automotive Cleaning / Paper Products Furniture Garden / Seasonal Hardware / Home Improvement HomeContinue reading “What Makes Lowe’s Good”

What is the Best about Shopping at Mark’s

Mark’s This business is a work attire store with a huge selection of different types of work clothing and footwear. This is a great store for safety-rated clothing and footwear as well, helping the customer protect themselves in their everyday work lives. They also carries other safety items like hard hats, gloves, and safety eyewear.Continue reading “What is the Best about Shopping at Mark’s”

What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada

Loblaws Loblaws is a department store that focuses on day-to-day living. The store has a wide range of groceries and other products. In my personal opinion, I think the website is a little all over the place. With that being said, there is some very interesting merchandise on their website that I would not expectContinue reading “What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada”

Why Shop and Buy at LEGO in Canada?

LEGO My favourite Danish toy block company. Not much to say about this company that you probably don’t already know. This extremely successful toy company has been making entertainment products for a long time and probably holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. Toys are the business’s main focus and that’s perfectlyContinue reading “Why Shop and Buy at LEGO in Canada?”

Why Shopping at Laura Secord in Canada is the Best

Laura Secord This decadent chocolate shop is a Canadian delight. A store named after rich history and with its rich history that dates back over a hundred years ago. Hundreds of store recipes in categories like chocolate, candies, ice cream, sweets and other delicious treats. Laura Secord has super reasonable pricing for the quality ofContinue reading “Why Shopping at Laura Secord in Canada is the Best”

Top Reasons to Shop at Co-op in Canada

Co-op The Co-op is a Saskatchewan-based company that was formulated and inspired over a century ago by the first Nation community. It has evolved a lot over the last hundred years but the principle is still the same. Cooperative and pooled efforts as a community to thrive in an unforgiving environment. Because of the generalContinue reading “Top Reasons to Shop at Co-op in Canada”

What is Great about Shopping at Game Stop in Canada

Game Stop Games This business is one of those stores that gamers and gaming enthusiasts will say they’re going in for a quick look to check it out and then never come back. The store used to focus primarily on gaming sales, rentals and game trading back when it was EB Games, but with theContinue reading “What is Great about Shopping at Game Stop in Canada”

What makes Foot Locker Great in Canada

Foot Locker Shoes, clothing and accessories. Get geared up with some of the latest fashion for an important night out or starting a new school year. Foot Locker also sells things like hats, socks and backpacks. Everything a person needs to develop that hip new look. The store has decent prices on its merchandise andContinue reading “What makes Foot Locker Great in Canada”

Best Reasons to Shop and Buy at The Body Shop in Canada

The Body Shop Treat your body with some rejuvenating products from these people. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair products, skincare products, lotions, creams, lip balms, chapsticks, makeup and more. Start your spa day here. At the very least it’s a great store to sample smell all the delicious fragrances. Store Attributes: Bath / Beauty

What is Good about Shopping at The Bay in Canada

The Bay The Bay is a department store that focuses on the home. The prices are ok for the most part but the quality is there. It’s a great place to help you find the things you need to feel proud of in your home. Luxury may be a way to describe the store. StoreContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at The Bay in Canada”